Types of Bingo Bonuses That a Person Should Know About!

Do you know why people prefer playing bingo on online platforms rather than bingo halls? The simple answer to this question is convenience. On online platforms, players can play while sitting at home and avail themselves of extra rewards and bonuses.

Undoubtedly, bonuses and rewardshave played a vital role in the success of online bingo platforms. Many players just play at online gambling platforms to avail these incentives. Everyone should collect bingo bonuses because it offers them a chance to boost their capital initially.

Why Do Online Bingo Platforms Offer These Rewards?

Everyone knows that bonuses and awards are the straightforward strategies most online bingo platforms use to attract new clients. In addition, players can use these bonuses to test several platforms without investing a single penny from their pocket. However, there are many morereasons to provide these rewards, such as

  • To create an additional bond or connection between the casino and its client
  • To encourage players to play new games
  • To cover the losses made initially
  • Give as compensation for spending money

Difference Between Sticky and On Sticky Bonuses

If you love playing online bingo, you might be familiar with the terms sticky and non-sticky bonuses. Sticky bonuses are only limited to the bingo platforms, meaning a player can only use them for playing bingo games; they can’t transfer them to their bank account.

While on the other hand, non-sticky bonuses can be transferred to the bank account. This is why most bingo platforms provide a higher percentage of staybonuses. However, you may find platforms providing 400% of sticky bonuses. But unfortunately, you’ll not get a non-sticky bonus of more than 100%.

Types of Bonuses

Online bingo platforms provide many different kinds of bingo bonuses to their clients. Before you make an account on any bingo sites, make sure to know about all kinds of bonuses offered by them so that you can collect them all.

Welcome or First Deposit Bonus

Welcome or first deposit bonus is the most common type of bonus provided by most of the bingo sites. To availof these bonuses, players must create a new account on the online bingo platform and make their first payment. Generally, players get100 percent additional credit on making the first deposit. However, make sure to claim the offer before it gets expiry.

Non-Deposit Bonus

A non-deposit bonus is a small amount, usually less than $20, which casinos provide to their new clients. Casinos provide this bonus to encourage the players to play new games. Oncea player gets addicted, they have to add the real money. Generally, one can get no deposit bonus in the form of

  • Free cash prize
  • Free spin
  • Free bets
  • Free meal
  • Coupon of shopping


Cashbacks are a great way to minimize the losses made at the initial stage. However, it is generally a small percentage of the bet that player has loosed in their recent match. For example, suppose your bingo platform offers you 20% cashback, so if you lose a bet worth $100, you will get $20 as cashback.

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